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Barnardo's Fostering South East

Fostering and Foster carers

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Barnardo's Fostering South East

  • 128 London Rd
  • Southborough
  • Kent
  • TN4 0PL
telephone 01892 510650
fax n/a

About Barnardo's Fostering South East

Barnardo's is the most established provider of family placement services in the UK, with more than 100 years experience in fostering and 60 years in adoption.

We can provide full time, holiday and short break placements for children and young people across Berkshire and the South East.

We are one of the largest charity providers in the UK and we work in partnership with local authorities and health trusts.

We are committed to improving children's lives and outcomes at every level of our service provision.

We can also provide task centered placements for limited periods where we complete specific work with a young person within a family placement. This can range from intensive assessment to planned rehabilitation with parents.

To find out more about Barnardo's family placement services please click on the website link above.

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