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MJ Bridal Fashions

Bridal Wear

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MJ Bridal Fashions

  • Harrow
  • London
  • HA1 2NG
telephone 0203 556 9183
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About MJ Bridal Fashions

About MJ Bridal Fashions

When couples get married the process often begins many months and sometimes years before the actual event. This is because of the numerous things that have to be bought, organised, arranged, negotiated, planned, etc... One of the foremost of these activities is the purchase of the wedding dress and associated accessories. Many people spend days, weeks, even months, looking for the right outfit for that special day. They may go to the local shopping centre, the city centre or sometimes even abroad to find the perfect dress.

But, what if the dress selection and a wide variety of accessories could be brought to them? They could save so much time and money that could be diverted to the myriad of other activities involved in making that special day truly unforgettable. This is where MJ Bridal Fashions comes in.

We are MJ Bridal Fashions, a new Wedding Dresses and Accessories company launched in August 2011 to bring a welcome relief to families who spend forever looking for the right wedding dress.

At MJ we have a wide selection of exclusively designed dresses that can be brought to you at your convenience, to select from and fit. Together we will then make arrangements to take exact dress measurements approximately three months prior to the wedding after which we will deliver your custom-made dress at an agreed time.

Our exclusive dresses are designed to cater for ladies of all shapes and sizes and come in a variety of traditional wedding dress colours, but with a twist, as required. The twist is that some of the designs have different coloured elements such as black or red floral corsets.

In addition to dresses, MJ Bridal Fashions also provides accessories such as Boleros, Gloves, Veils, Shoes, etc.

MJ's exclusive designs are the creation of sisters, Grazyna Kusek and Anna Kozik who take their inspiration from prevailing bridal fashion trends, extraordinary creativity, and clients' opinions, judgements and hints. Their designs are making a name for themselves in various countries all over the world. MJ's designers gained recognition at a bridal fair in Essen in Germany in 2010, and recently at fairs in Paris.

The incoming collection for 2011/2012 will include approximately 40 designs in a wide colouring range.

Our designers use high quality fabrics and laces from all over the world, mainly from India, China, Italy and France. Some of the fabrics and laces are individually made on designers request to meet their needs.

The company launch will take place on 19th August 2011 at a Fashion Show at Club Bond in West London in support of the Macmillan Cancer Charity. The event will be attended by hundreds of people eager to catch a glimpse of MJ Bridal Fashions' exclusive designs.

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