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Bartlett and Butcher


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Bartlett and Butcher

  • The Tannery
  • Alton
  • Hampshire
  • GU34 1HT
telephone 01420 82033
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About Bartlett and Butcher

Why choose us for hire wear?

We tailor to fit, dry-clean and valet every garment - in house - to the highest standard to ensure our team of professional fitters achieve the result you deserve. Our attention to detail has been recognized for more than half a century by generations of satisfied customers. We are known for the superior quality of our garments, our finish and our ability to fit all garments from stock, in any size and combination of style and colour before you make your final decision.

Although our range runs into hundreds of fabrics and colours, certain brocades, velvet coats and silks waistcoats are limited to retain their exclusivity, so it's best to book early. Our staff are on hand, six days a week to help you select the look you feel is right for such an important occasion. Ask about late night and weekend appointments.

P.S. "You deserve the best - why risk such an important event being mishandled. We carry thousands of garments, in stock, at all times.

Our back-up and support is your guarantee of a successful day. Any garment can be replaced on the spot, re-cleaned or re-fitted if you are unhappy or have just simply changed shape.

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