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Ruchetta in Peppard


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Ruchetta in Peppard

  • Peppard Common
  • Henley on Thames
  • Oxfordshire
  • RG9 5JU
telephone 01491 628 040
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About Ruchetta in Peppard

With over 30 years in catering as a chef Angelo has made an art of creating appealing quality restaurants in Wokingham and Peppard.

Over those years the restaurant business has been difficult and you will have seen many come and go. But for Angelo it has been an inspiring period.

Inspired by mother nature and a burning desire to please his customers Angelo now has two restaurants, one in Wokingham and the other in Peppard, both called Ruchetta - after the rocket leaf.

Angelo never relaxes and his philosophy to success is, 'work hard, seven days a week and always serve your customers well'. Sure the restaurant business is a tough one and your customers always remember their last meal - but if you care about them and serve them well they will come back to you.

Maintaining a high standard in any restaurant can be a difficult task but Angelo takes the personal responsibility to ensure that the quality of food is kept to a very high standard, the service is friendly and the experience memorable.

Angelo inspects everything. From the tables to the sauces, the cutlery to food portion sizes, everything has to be just right to ensure that his customers get the best each and every time they visit one of his restaurants.

To find out more about Angelo - visit Ruchetta in Wokingham or in Ruchetta in Peppard and ask for Angelo, you'll be sure to find him in one of them, every day of the week.

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